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Sincere thanks for your interest in joining me to make the world a more beautiful place. Please enjoy exploring the current options and dreaming about ways we can collaborate. 

Custom work is available. While some pricing is pre-determined, others will require a quote. Please use the contact page to reach out with your ideas. I would love to help you make your events, homes, and gifts more personal and beautiful! 



Stand out in the electronic age by returning to the old-fashioned beauty of handwritten products. Lettering projects come in all shapes and sizes and may include: event envelopes, signage, wall art, greeting cards, and more!



Show love through homemade goods. Goods include: custom event details, signage, felt succulents, and more. Send me a message if there's something you want to do together! 



The shop was the inspiration for this site to showcase empathy & vulnerability-based items honoring my favorite change-makers. Check back for updates to the shop. 



Not sure how lettering and goods fit into your life? Browse the gallery for some inspiration, ideas, and visioning. Think of it as Pinterest in real life!