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Hi friends, I'm Meghan. Thank you, truly, for being here! I believe the world is a more beautiful place when we practice creativity. Whether working in the kitchen, drawing, crafting, or hand lettering, I've always had a love for the creative. I lose track of time in happiness when creativity and i find each other.  

Several years ago, I was baking cupcakes regularly and developed a brand called "little g's cupcakes," drawing inspiration from my maiden name and sweet cat, Gigi* (also referred to as "little cat"). Without regular time to commit, baking remained a passion but not a regular occurrence. The brand could not grow!

Since taking space from my long-time profession last year, I've reconnected with my creative self and chosen to intentionally practice every day! A part-time job encouraged me to try new things, and my love of lettering was born. I feel grateful to have the support of my family and friends, and folks want to buy my art! I know this is where I want to spend my time, and so my original brand idea had a makeover.

"little g's letters & goods" includes homemade fun of many kinds: custom hand lettering projects, watercolors, event details, and felt work. I am also working on stocking a shop filled with empathy-based quotes and ideas. When I'm not being creative (and even sometimes when I am), I'm working toward a personal vision: a world where everyone learns and practices both empathy and vulnerability. Sharing such ideas is a small piece of committing to a world I want to live in, and experience with all of you. 

My hope with every project is to make the world a more beautiful place. 

*I would be remiss to exclude my other sweet kitty, Maggie, who has since entered my life! I hope, in time, that there will be some cat inspired letters & goods to share!

Gigi regulating my productivity, and refusing to let me be disrupted.

Gigi regulating my productivity, and refusing to let me be disrupted.